DocuXplorer's Hosted Solution

DocuXplorer’s hosted solution is ideal for digital document management, fast retrieval and automated work management. Through a partnership with Microsoft Azure, DocuXplorer’s hosted solution will dramatically reduce your reliance on IT staff or outside consultants, saving your organization time and money. You will enjoy automated data backup, SSL security encryption and peace of mind knowing that your scanned documents are safe, secure and backed up!

Our hosted solution eliminates the need for expensive capital investments, since there are no servers, storage media or other infrastructure to purchase. And, since the storage and retrieval system is Web-based, there is no need for the purchase, maintenance or replacement of any hardware.

Best of all, with DocuXplorer’s hosted solution, your organization can simply expand your storage requirements as your needs change.  You don’t have to worry about monitoring remaining space or planning for/purchasing server upgrades. You would simply add more space to your plan. It’s that simple.

For a low monthly cost (for both the server and support), as well as very affordable storage rates, we would back all of your hosted files up on a daily basis and provide any technical support you needed to restore them, freeing up the time of your IT staff/consultants to work on other priorities.

For more information about, or special pricing for, DocuXplorer’s hosted solution, please contact a member of our sales team at or at +1 212 496 9871.



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