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What Engineering Firms Should Consider When Choosing Document Management Software

Engineering teams require flexible software to keep projects on schedule with all associated records organized and searchable at a moments notice.

August 13, 2019

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Like most companies, engineering firms are busy and in need of document management software to help not only keep them organized, but help them track and gain access to critical files at a moment’s notice. Document management software, like DocuXplorer, was created for just that – giving your company the ability to create a customized filing system which works for you, and the ability to track essential files so that anyone with access can retrieve them almost instantly. If you have not moved to document management software, perhaps you should consider the following points.

A Filing System that You Can Amend to Your Specific Needs

Document management software with flexible taxonomy allows your company to set up its virtual drawers, folders and files your way so that it mirrors your real world. Document management software, like DocuXplorer, that allows this type of flexibility works best, because it doesn’t require your employees to learn a whole new way of filing away documents. However, if your company lacks a true filing structure and would benefit from a better taxonomy, DocuXplorer's consulting services will not only advise you on a taxonomy that would work well, but also aid your company in training your staff.

Easy-to-Use Software Ensures You Get Your Firm Organized

One of the big advantages of document management software like DocuXplorer is that its Windows-type interface and simple screens really do make the software easy-to-use and understand. The better employees understand a system, the better the overall adoption rate within a company, and the better the adoption rate, the more productive your company is overall. When document management software simplifies filing, then access to files becomes much easier. With the right entitlements in place, then your firm is better protecting its more confidential files.

Gives You the Ability to Customize Access    

Entitlements to files are an important feature that you gain when moving to online file storage. Back in the day, file access was restricted by putting files in a particular physical location, or locking drawers. Nowadays, this is accomplished by limiting the view-ability of files to certain departments, groups or individuals. This feature alone is a top reason why many companies are choosing document management software as it allows them much more control over document access. Engineering firms alike are finding this feature vital as it relates to patents and other functions which may have legal implications.