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Knowledge Management Software System

Set your knowledge management staff up for success with the right tools. Build efficienct business processes and streamline knowledge sharing so your team can make quick, informed decisions.

March 5, 2018

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DocuXplorer's knowledge management software for employee training and knowledge management departments provides users with an easy-to-use yet robust platform to best organizing their employee training manuals, exams, tutorials and other documents. With DocuXplorer's knowledge management system, employee training document management is simple. Employee training departments have the use of a document management software system with the functionality of those used in large institutions, but with no need for technical expertise or an IT consultant.

Knowledge management software allows you to:

  • Track employee training for each document revision
  • Maintain employee training records automatically
  • Incorporate an automated approval route, including supervisor sign off
  • Maintain an organization-wide training log for audit preparation