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DX 2021 Top Features

DX 2021 is packed with features and quality of life improvements, making this our most feature-rich update yet.

September 14, 2021

DocuXplorer software 2021

DocuXplorer has officially launched its DX 2021 Update and it is our most robust update yet. Over the past year, our users have requested a number of features and we’ve been taking notes. As we developed this latest release, we tried to incorporate as much of your feedback as possible. Users of previous versions will see many of their most requested features reflected in the DX 2021 update.

DocuXplorer is constantly improving with behind-the-scenes updates and bug fixes ensuring that your document management system is keeping pace with emerging trends. Our goal is to create the best possible document management solution for small and mid-sized businesses. 

This means that we are working nonstop behind the scenes to expand our capabilities to meet your growing needs.. Users who download the DX 2021 Release will immediately notice improved performance as we’ve made a number of optimizations to ensure that DocuXplorer is firing on all cylinders to deliver an improved user experience.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Below you’ll find some of our favorite features of DX 2021.

In-App Edits to Word and Excel Documents

Gone are the days when users would have to download a file and open it in Microsoft Office just to make a change. We’ve integrated in-app editing of Microsoft Word and Excel documents to streamline this process and save you lots of time. This synchronized approach to editing also facilitates greater teamwork by eliminating the need to compile different file versions, ensuring that the latest version of the file is always contained within your document management system.

You will no longer have to worry about whether your team members use Microsoft Office or Google Docs/Sheets to edit their .docx and .xslx files. With DocuXplorer, making edits within the app allows for greater uniformity and consistency in edits made by different team members and eliminates issues with formatting and compatibility due to using different versions and software. 

The best part of all is that your team members won’t even need to install a copy of Microsoft Office or another Office application to make edits. DocuXplorer functions as a standalone editor for all of your Word and Excel editing needs.

Expanded Remote Access and Convenience

In developing DX 2021, we wanted to ensure that we included any necessary quality of life updates that reflect our changing times. To accommodate the recent shift to remote work during the pandemic, DX 2021 features a dramatically improved cloud-based offering, using advanced Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) technology, allowing users to log in and use the software from anywhere in the world. 

DX 2021 users can now enjoy the same access to their files that they would have on their in-office network. Improved security means that your files will remain safe and secure whether you are working in an office, at home, or from the other side of the world. 

By incorporating the best technologies, we can guarantee that the remote user experience will be safe, fast, and intuitive while allowing access to the full functionality that our users enjoy. With globally distributed teams expected to become more common over next few years, DX 2021 has equipped our users for the remote future.

Sign Documents Remotely

As we accommodate the transition to a remote workforce, we must ensure that we are providing all of the features necessary to keep your document management system running smoothly. In addition to our integration with ZorroSign, DX 2021 now features full integration with DocuSign. Our users have more options than ever to allow DX users to electronically sign legally binding documents remotely, without the need to travel to an office or in-person venue.

In fact, you can sign a legally enforceable digital signature on your documents from anywhere in the world. The robust security features will give you peace of mind as you conduct business at unprecedented speeds. 

DocuXplorer is fully integrated with both DocuSign and ZorroSign for all of your digital signature needs. ZorroSign allows for automated compliance with internal, regulatory, and security workflows, AI-guided Form Fill, digital fraud detection seals, authentication of each signature, and validation of each document. With DocuSign you can automate the entire contract lifecycle and use AI-powered analytics to review contracts, identify risks, and negotiate better agreements. 

Digitization of Scanned Files

Our updated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine can now extract text from over 100 languages. This allows users to quickly and easily digitize their scanned files and perform searches on paper-based documents. Expanded language recognition allows us to meet the document management needs of our users no matter where they are conducting business or the language they speak. 

Whether they are scanning signed agreements, bank statements, invoices, receipts, or business cards, digitization of files is easier than ever, allowing for more efficient document management and the ability to edit, search, and digitally store copies of physical files that would be a pain to manage manually.

The List Goes On

The enhancements incorporated into DX 2021 will provide DX’s global clients with peace of mind knowing their records are accessible to staff wherever they’re working, yet still as secure as ever. These improvements enhance employee productivity while reducing the amount of time spent searching for documents.

The features highlighted in this article represent just a small selection of what is the most feature-rich update rolled out by the DocuXplorer team in our 24-year history. We’ve expanded our UI’s supported languages to eight with the addition of French, added security features to ensure compliance with government regulations, and introduced a range of formatting features for SMTP emails messages.

Check out our Release History page for more information on the full DX 2021 release.

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