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Document Management Comparison: Worldox Replacement

Worldox clients are switching to DocuXplorer for their document management needs.

August 5, 2016

docuxplorer comparison

Is Worldox working for you? Are you getting personalized, on-time technical support? DocuXplorer is a leading Worldox replacement. 

See The DocuXplorer Difference

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Better than Worldox

Your time is valuable, and losing access to your business information, even for a day, can devastate your business and cash flow. Here's how easily you'll transfer your records and regain access quickly.

  1. You’re the subject matter expert and you’ll be teamed up with our organization expert to audit your current document management processes and find out what’s working and what can improve
  2. You’ll get easy-to-implement recommendations to improve your efficiency
  3. You sign off on the plan so you know exactly what to expect
  4. Get back to work quickly. Ensure a smooth transition for your team with a work experience that feels familiar, but boosts efficiency.

Painless migration is here

We understand that your time is valuable. Here’s how we set you up quickly and easily. 

  1. We look at your current document management processes to find out what is working and what can improve
  2. We make recommendations to improve efficiency
  3. You sign off on the plan so you know exactly what to expect
  4. We set you up for a quick transition—no steep learning curve, just back to work, only better.

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Worldox vs DocuXplorer: Document Management for You

1 - DocuXplorer understands the balance between keeping its interface familiar enough so you can get back to work seamlessly and updating the tools you rely on. Worldox feels out of date and has a learning curve so it takes a bit longer to get back to work.

2 - While Worldox is a software tool, DocuXplorer provides a full solution, including access to experts in document management, so you’re not on your own. Our knowledgeable taxonomy consultants combine the kind of workflows you need and a deep knowledge of best practices and compliance to give you a system that’s set up for you from the get-go.

3 - With DocuXplorer you get a choice: store your records on-premises, or in the cloud.

4 - Instead of the familiar, but frustrating, experience of getting cookie-cutter advice from someone simply reading off a manual, DocuXplorer offers expert in-house support from staff who know our systems inside and out. You’ll get to work with creative problem-solvers that get you the help you need.

"I've had nothing but a great experience with this software.  The tech support has been very responsive and attentive to my requests.  I would recommend this to any of my business partners."
- Bret Irving, Great Central Transport Warehouse, Inc.

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Who Uses DocuXplorer?

DocuXplorer has proven its value as a document management software replacement for countless satisfied customers. No matter your current document management solution, DocuXplorer will make it easy to transition to a document management provider that you will be happy with. Try DocuXplorer today as your:


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