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Secure Document Management in the Cloud

More and more businesses are moving to the cloud to host their document management solutions. Is this the right move for your business?

June 2, 2016

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The concept of ‘cloud’ storage of files is gaining widespread acceptance as we speak. In this blog post, we will discuss how this concept applies to document management in businesses both large and small.

To begin with, all successful businesses need a system that provides access to data quickly, securely, and conveniently. This also includes remote data access. These needs are sufficiently met by document management software whether you install onsite or use it via the cloud. What are some of the salient features of document management software – whether it’s hosted or you host the data yourself?

First, reputable document software provides document capture features like digital importation and scanning. In other words, a digital file is created for storage as soon as some information enters the business. These can then be stored in a variety of ways, such as tagging and indexing. These features allow you to systematically archive your files in a way that make finding them in the future easier.

Speaking of retrieval, locating your documents, no matter how numerous, becomes a piece of cake with document management software like DocuXplorer. You can use full-text search, or if you forgot the details, you can add metadata that you initially typed when saving the documents.

Cloud document management system, such as DocuXplorer’s hosted solution, provide all these benefits on dedicated servers located in off-site data centers that can be accessed via encrypted VPN connections. With it, you get access to our secure data center that utilizes layers of protection such as digital firewalls, and multiple sources of power and cooling. This guarantees that only authorized users can gain access to the information.

Another major benefit of cloud document management software is that it helps organizations go paperless while not also taking up space of your organization’s own server. This in turn frees up valuable office space, reduces the wasted time searching for documents, and brings greater efficiency to work flow. Moreover, when the document management goes to the cloud, the in-house IT will have more time to develop Web and technological strategies.

What else? Oh yes, employees can work remotely, which means orders will be completed on time even if they are not present at the office. Not to mention, in house collaborations will also become robust. When authorized employees can share and collaborate on documents quickly and easily, greater efficiency is the natural outcome.