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DocuXplorer Professional Document Management

The first step to a paperless office, DocuXplorer Professional harnesses the power of enterprise document management, but designed for the single user.

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DocuXplorer Professional document management software is fully featured for single workstations. This document management solution is just as robust and easy-to-use as other DocuXplorer editions. With the Professional document management edition, the program and data are run from a local computer and can be accessed from any user profile.

With all of the sophisticated functionality of the Enterprise document management version, the Professional document management version of DocuXplorer is ideal for a single user–typically a professional employed in the financial services, healthcare, real estate, or legal sector–who needs to keep track of documents, maximize efficiency, and accommodate regulatory or professional auditing requirements.

Users of the Professional document management software can quickly and easily expand to the Enterprise Edition if there is a need to accommodate additional users across multiple computers. The DocuXplorer Library is easily transferred to your server and set up for multiple users, preventing any loss of data or program settings. Upgrade costs are nominal and the simple installation process can be handled either by our technical support team or by your own IT staff.