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The Benefits of Document Management Software for a Small Legal Practice

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Published: August 2020

By the very nature of their business, law firms deal with more documents, paper files and various other forms than perhaps any other type of business. A law firm’s revenue directly depends on continually producing new documents because they are paid on an hourly basis to create, review, revise and summarize documents.

However, attorneys are not really paid for the actual time they physically spend typing or editing documents. They are compensated for their expertise, knowledge and advice, along with their ability to understand the information contained within a document and apply it to a broad situation in a legal framework.

Due to the high volume of document creation and handling, all law firms need a document management solution that provides organization, structure and document security.

Issues and Concerns

The document problems in a law firm begin with attorneys, support staff and other firm employees all saving documents in different places. Many firms do not have a systematic and formatted process for saving, coding and filing documents. If they do have a system, many times, it was implemented with good intentions but poorly designed or simply did not cover all of the aspects needed in a document management solution.

Besides coding and process design, other issues can create inconsistency with document storage. Employee turnover, employee extended absence and a number of other factors in a generally chaotic daily work environment. This makes it difficult to implement your own system every time, and with every document.

Document management software provides excellent benefits to law firms and the effect to the bottom line can be significant. A quality document management solution should provide excellent document security, integration with Microsoft Office and integration with QuickBooks as well. Document management solutions offer a wide variety of benefits.

Efficient Work Processes

We hate to be obvious but less paper is a very real benefit. Less paper means greater document security, less clutter and a more efficient work process. Imagine all of the time saved by simply finding a file in a few clicks instead of sifting through file cabinets.

Less Time Wasted on Meaningless Tasks

Wandering around a storage room for three hours trying to dig up files is no fun. In fact, it can be frustrating and demoralizing for support staff and for lawyers. Utilizing a document management solution like DocuXplorer will avoid this unpleasant task making employees more productive and generally more willing to put in extra effort on tasks that really do matter.

Liability and Risk

The best reason for a law firm to opt for document management software is reduced risk and liability. In today’s world, any time you are dealing with private information you are subject to penalties if the data gets into the wrong hands. Of course, law firms are well aware of this.

There are many benefits associated with document management software, but it is also important to choose the right provider. While software can provide useful features and benefits, having a provider that will be there to service you and give the support required is vital.

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