DocuXplorer, one of the United States’ leading providers of document management solutions to small and medium sized businesses, announced today that it now offers a Web Client version of its industry-leading software for its clients, giving them access to their data from any computer with an internet connection, at a fraction of the desktop version’s price.

“Our clients can now be their own cloud provider using this new web-based version of DocuXplorer,” stated Mr. Wyman, spokesperson for DocuXplorer. “With DocuXplorer Web Client, our clients and their users have the ability to find and view their files anywhere there is an internet connection – from home, while on vacation, even in the airport while waiting to board a flight.”

Benefits of DocuXplorer’s Web Client include:

  • Remote Document Access. Clients can access their data online, anytime, anywhere safely and securely using their favorite web browsers including Windows IE, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and even iPad and iPhone browsers.
  • Robust Security. Users have peace of mind knowing that security settings and permissions are the same in DocuXplorer’s Web Client as in the desktop version. Information viewed through the Web Client can utilize 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • Full Document Search. Clients can search through the entire contents of documents for no extra charge. Other document management providers offer this as an optional feature for an additional cost.
  • Lightning Fast Speed. Whether searching for files by keyword or by index sets, the speed to locate specific files can be measured in seconds.
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