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DocuXplorer and Microsoft Azure RemoteApp

Cost effective solutions to maximize productivity, easily scale the business environment, and integrate with document management software.

July 7, 2017

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Doing business in today's world is increasingly difficult. Large and small business operations are dealing with increased global competition, pricing pressure from a slow economy and increasing overhead costs. On top of all those struggles, dealing with all the various technology requirements such as a document management solution and software integration with Microsoft Office just to maintain daily operations, can be downright frustrating and expensive. Many businesses are constantly looking for technology solutions that increase efficiency, control costs and offer a competitive edge.

Unfortunately, much of the time they end up adding small pieces here and there, which ultimately make operations disjointed and confusing. In addition, having tens or hundreds of software programs on your office server and PC's, all configured at different times with different permissions and varying levels of access can create workflow issues. More important document security and data security can be at risk.

Fortunately, there are some cost effective solutions available to maximize productivity, easily scale the business environment and integrate with document management software.

Microsoft recently introduced a new product offering called Azure RemoteApp, which allows businesses to store all of their software, data and programs in the cloud and access their network from any device that runs on Windows, iOS, Mac OS X or Android. Azure essentially turns all of your office desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones into "dummy terminals."

All of the network files are stored on a cloud server and all the devices used for business have a remote desktop app installed, which is a pathway to access the files. Not having files and programs with sensitive data stored on a local server increases document security, increases uniformity in security protocol and alleviates the cost of purchasing additional hardware to store and operate the network.

In addition, adding a new staff member becomes easier with Azure. Hiring a new employee means purchasing a new desktop PC, setting a new connection to the office server, individually configuring programs on the desktop system and many other tasks of initial employee set up. With Azure, you would simply give the employee a phone, tablet or laptop that has remote desktop access to Azure and only requires a username and password to access.

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp can also integrate with document management software like DocuXplorer. Pairing Azure with a quality document management solution, offers an all in one solution that addresses all of the technology and data security needs of business. What makes the combination a match made in heaven is the significant overall savings and efficiency boost they can offer. Technology can be complicated and frustrating, but Azure and DocuXplorer prove it doesn't always have to be.