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Document Management 101

Choosing A Document Management System

Finding the right DMS provider can feel like a hassel. Here are the top requirements to look for.

July 1, 2020

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When selecting a document management system for your business the variations in features and vendors may feel endless and overwhelming. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that your businesses unique needs are just that, unique, and you need a solution that is flexible and customizable to how you work.

Having said that, document management software is invaluable for businesses seeking to improve productivity, enhance security, and bring flexibility to your staff's needs. The goal? To free up resources and enhance the services you provide your clients. Here's what to look for when vetting document management solutions:

Capturing Information

When you are using quality document management software, all business information is captured by the system as in enters the company via any channel, such as mail, scanned in, or remote computers. Businesses receive information both in paper and electronic formats, and therefore the document management software should have features to capture information in varying formats.

The benefit of data capturing is that all documents are quickly stored in a central repository from where they can be retrieved at will. Moreover, these documents can be accessed whether you staff is at their desks or working remotely, which means workflow is not disrupted.

Data Security

Using electronic document management systems can also be a legal requirement. If your business stores personal, financial, or medical information, having a method of encryption is a governmental requirement. Having document management software not only helps you keep legal issues at bay, it also makes for painless audits. This means that the software provider you choose should guarantee safety and security.

Indexing and Organizing

Once all information is captured and stored, document management software must clearly index it so that many users can access it effortlessly. A flexible document management software will enable you to build a system that fits your company's structure and easily create permissions for users and groups of users, ensuring files are only visible to the right people.

Helpful Support

The most important factor that's not discussed often is the support provided by your document management software provider. You'll want to make sure the software is continually being updated and improved to keep up with emerging technologies and data regulations. Review their release history to confirm yearly improvements. Additionally, make sure they're easy to get in touch with and have a knowledgable support staff. If you have an issue, you need to know you can get it solved quickly.