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Capterra Names DocuXplorer one of the World’s Top 20 DMS Providers

DocuXplorer named one of Capterra's top 20 document management software solutions.

November 23, 2017

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Capterra, an online software reviewing service that helps businesses find the right software, has released a new infographic detailing The Top 20 Most Popular Document Management Software solutions that includes DocuXplorer Software. The infographic is part of a series of Top 20 research Capterra has performed for leading software categories.

Capterra ranked the Top 20 vendors using its popularity index: a weighted and ranked score including number of customers, number of users, and presence on social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Document Management is the 18th software category to be indexed by Capterra in this series.

“Document management software is essential for any company maintaining and managing a large amount of paperwork,” said Capterra President and CEO, Mike Ortner. “I think everyone has been waiting for the day the filing cabinet becomes obsolete. We might not be a completely paper-free world yet, but software is helping to decrease the volume of paper we all have to deal with on a daily basis, saving not only trees, but headaches.”

“We are proud to have been named one of Capterra’s top document management solution providers,” stated Mr. Wyman, DocuXplorer spokesperson. “Our 20 year commitment of providing the highest quality document management software coupled with our industry-leading technical support played a tremendous role in this recognition.”

Capterra believes software makes the world a better place. Founded in 1999, Capterra has helped millions of people find the right software for their business-- all kinds of businesses, whether a multinational corporation, a school, a church, a doctor's office, a manufacturing company, or a zoo. Capterra works with thousands of software vendors to understand their products in order to match companies with the best software for their needs.

Since 1995, DocuXplorer has provided thousands of its users with an end-to-end document management and archiving solution, including award-winning document management software, Consulting Services, Taxonomy Training, a hosted solution and secure online backup of its client data. It was named one of the top solution providers by OCR World magazine for its advanced optical character recognition. For more information about DocuXplorer or to download a free trial in German, English, Dutch, Arabic or Spanish, please visit