DocuXplorer Software today announced it has introduced a Chinese language interface for its software, making it the seventh language interface available to clients. It has partnered with Shanghai-based Gong Chuang Information, a leading provider of information technology services and software in China, to market this in the Asia-Pacific region.

"With over 1.4 billion native speakers and official language stats in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other regions, the language has spread across the world and is becoming a popular language choice for Westerners who understand the language's newfound importance, noted a spokesperson for DocuXplorer. "We see this as an exciting opportunity to offer our award-winning document management software to this region of the world for native Chinese speakers."

"Gong Chuang is thrilled to partner with DocuXplorer Software to resell their document management solution to the Asia-Pacific region and feel there is a great need for this, in what has traditionally been a very paper-heavy economy," stated James Lan, an executive with Gong Chuang. "The Chinese economy has seen an astronomical boom in recent years and has grown into one of the biggest role-players in the global economy. The country's economy is considered to be the second largest in the world and has recorded the biggest growth rate averages over the past 30 years."

DocuXplorer now offers its software in English, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Thai, German and now Chinese.

Since 1997, DocuXplorer has provided thousands of its users with an end-to-end document management and archiving solution, including award-winning document management software, Consulting Services, Taxonomy Training,  a hosted solution and secure online backup of its clients' data. It was named one of the top solution providers by OCR World magazine for its advanced optical character recognition and one of the Top 20 providers of document management software by Capterra. For more information about DocuXplorer, please visit www.docuxplorer.com.
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