Umango, the award-winning developers of document scanning, file conversion and imaging software applications and DocuXplorer Software, the renowned provider of document management solutions, have joined forces to bring together best-in-class business solutions. Today, DocuXplorer entered into an agreement to distribute Umango’s solutions as a powerful value-added tool to accompany its own document management platform.

First founded in Australia in 2008, Umango provides an ecosystem of innovative document technologies with a range of comprehensive solutions for document scanning, conversion, data extraction and routing. Umango has revolutionized the market with its truly innovative yet powerful business solutions. Recognized for their ease of use, intuitive interface, and easily customizable workflows, Umango solutions are targeted at companies looking to optimize their document processing requirements and provide a platform to build document efficiencies around.

DocuXplorer, one of the world’s leading providers of document management software to organizations of all sizes, will offer Umango’s products as an add-on to its own software, as a powerful tool to automate the document entry process, which will result in a tremendous cost savings to its clients with high volume scanning needs.

While Umango is always looking for professional and reliable partners to help customers improve their document related business processes, DocuXplorer was looking for a  powerful solution to close the gap on the special needs of document scanning, MFP, mobile and office work environments. Umango‘s user-friendly solutions for document imaging, routing and data extraction turned out to be the best and most comprehensive choice to close that gap.

"DocuXplorer is a great partner for us." says Mr. Quentin Gribble, CEO at Umango. "While Umango seamlessly adds a lot of efficiency to the DocuXplorer product, we simple act as an onramp and leave the emphasis on DocuXplorer as the document repository. We are confident that our partnership with DocuXplorer will allow both companies to set new standards for office productivity by combining world-class solutions, excellent support and a passion for innovation."

“DocuXplorer has always prided itself in offering the best of breed software to our clients, and this is no exception with the Umango solution,” added Mr. Wyman, spokesperson at DocuXplorer. “The outstanding offerings by Umango will complement our document management solution in order to create a one stop shop for document processing and archiving.“

About Umango

Umango is an innovative, best of breed developer of scanning software and embedded solutions used to streamline and improve document related business processes.  Umango helps its partners and customers realize cost savings by optimizing the document scanning, processing and data extraction processes.
Umango works closely with world renowned channel partners to provide its powerful and easy to use range of office automation and document scanning solutions and acts as an on-ramp for these partners in providing connectivity from the document to the back office system. With operations across North America and Asia Pacific, Umango markets, sells and supports its products and services through a global network of distributors and resellers. For more information, visit www.umango.com

About DocuXplorer

Since 1995, DocuXplorer has provided thousands of its users with an end-to-end document management and archiving solution, including award-winning document management software, Consulting Services, Taxonomy Training, a hosted solution and secure online backup of its client data. It was named one of the top solution providers by OCR World magazine for its advanced optical character recognition and one of the Top 20 providers of document management software by Capterra. For more information about DocuXplorer, please visit www.docuXplorer.com.


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