Competition is tough nowadays. In order for a company to stay viable and to continue progressing, it has to be able to optimize its business processes, minimize inadequacies and prevent bottlenecks, preserve and utilize resources properly, and in the end, increase profits and revenue. One of the ways businesses can reach these goals is to opt for business workflow automation.

Workflow automation is a vital component of business process management. It plays a significant role in translating a company’s collaborative vision into business applications that then result in distinct and assess-able benefits. The ultimate goal of workflow automation is to streamline the components of different systems utilized in the workplace through the reduction or total elimination of tasks which are deemed superfluous, and consequently automating remaining tasks in particular business processes.

The following are the benefits of adopting a workflow automation solution within a document management solution like DocuXplorer:

Improve internal communication

Through workflow automation, employees do away with having to manually notify one another when processes are completed or when they need to take on other roles. Status updates and notifications ensure that all members of the team know what is going on.

Reduce bottlenecks, costs and errors

Errors increase costs and can lead to bottlenecks in work processes; on the other hand, a workflow automation solution eliminates manual and human error which may lead to the wastage of resources, effort and time. This system will notify the team of actions and tasks that have not been attended to, non-approvals, and others. When processes are streamlined, employees are able to optimize use of resources and time.

Increase organizational, transparency and employee success

When a workflow automation solution is opted for, the system is able to eliminate finger-pointing and thus promote transparency and organization. This is because tasks and roles are well-defined and made known to everyone.


The system also sets employees up for success because it is able to not only eliminate redundant tasks and roles, but also allows staff members to focus on more important work. This in turn boosts productivity and employee morale, which could consequently translate to employee success.

Produce real-time reports 

Real-time reports enable management to learn from the inefficiencies that occur during business processes, as well as to improve its decision-making processes.

Systems are integrated

Utilizing the right platform enables the integration of different systems and applications used in the workplace. This integration helps enable different systems, databases and applications to take on various roles in one business process.

DocuXplorer’s new and advanced workflow automation solution not only helps its clients reduce wasteful paper shuffling, but also eliminates unnecessary and tedious tasks which waste time, energy and resources. You are assured that documents added to your workflow are sent to the right people who are then able to continue on with the next step in the work process. 

On the other hand, our business project management solution allows the monitoring and tracking of a document’s status and progress which can then allow administrators to attend to issues before they actually happen.

To view a short video about the benefits of automated workflow, click here.

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