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Five Reasons Document Management Software Can Save Your Company Money

In this digital day and age, most businesses are able to save substantial amounts of money and resources by investing on Document Management Software solutions, which are truly one of the greatest inventions ever made for business. Document Management Software (DMS) is so crucial for businesses to thrive in the digital age as it acts to centralize all business content of any company. Read More »

The Benefits of Workflow Automation

Competition is tough nowadays. In order for a company to stay viable and to continue progressing, it has to be able to optimize its business processes, minimize inadequacies and prevent bottlenecks, preserve and utilize resources properly, and in the end, increase profits and revenue. One of the ways businesses can reach these goals is to opt for business workflow automation.

Read More »

Benefits of Accessing Your Documents via the Web

Nowadays, a lot of people are on-the-go. People are moving from the comfort of their own homes to the workplace in a blink of an eye. In this fast-paced life, all the data and documents one has been working on in the office should also be easily accessed to make any errand or work task easier. Whether you are at home or out on the streets, being able to access your files should be no problem. Read More »


DocuXplorer update notifications are automatically provided as a value-added benefit of the software.

Customers with a current subscription licenses will receive the update automatically if the Auto Update feature is turned on. To ensure that the Auto Update is active, select Tools | Options | Administrative and select "Computer name that should check for program updates as startup". Updates can be checked manually via Tools | Product Updates. If this option is grayed out your software is current or your administrator has disabled this option.

Current Release

Desktop New Features

  1. OCR now takes place before PDF conversion when new documents are added
  2. Added Drag and Drop support for outlook email attachments
  3. Add Web client access for Personal & Professional products
  4. Add new events, Delete Cabinet, Drawer & Folder, Disconnect Cabinet & Drawer
  5. Added .dx support: [SentoDocument] A. MergeDocuments B. PageCount (see help for details)
  6. Add support for reading Bar and QR codes
  7. Integrated full support for Tesseract OCR, No need to install separately
  8. Updated all application data entry controls, grids, lists, menus etc.
  9. Support for MS Office x32 and x64 version 2010-2016
  10. Support for Google Cloud printing.
  11. Support for creating Bar codes with tiff annotations
  12. Support for OCR accuracy levels

Desktop Enhancements:

  1. Help topics updated.
  2. Updated translation text.
  3. Expanded width of Cabinet, Drawer and Folder names to 254 characters
  4. Enabled auto indexing defaults to be used when switch between index within document viewer
  5. Add feature to propagate auto index variables to child folders
  6. When inserting pages in tiff the select pages DPI is used as the default for the new page
  7. Enabled Index set properties dialog to adjustable in size
  8. Add support for barcode recognition
  9. Add support to allow users to edit field "Max Version" and "Page count" within Document List View
  10. Added API support for sending carriage line feeds for email message formatting
  11. Enable the ability for users to edit index Set field properties and permissions of the All Documents Index Set
  12. Summary and group footers now use the display mask for the select index set column
  13. Enable user to change Index Set for a document within the document list view             
  14. Enable only Administrator account to select multiple folder for cut and past operations
  15. Enable height of Index set row while in document view to be modified

Desktop Resolved Issues:

  1. Sanitize email subject text so they could be used as the file name when importing to DX
  2. Fixed Freehand line and FreeHand highlighter annotation formatting
  3. Fixed problem with Login screen hiding itself behind DX main desktop screen at start up
  4. Fixed error message for loading interface dictionary for language translations
  5. Fixed Default permission Read/Write settings
  6. Fixed Inset Blank page for tiif files
  7. Fixed removal of temp files after Merge, email and scanning processes 
  8. Fixed Language Dictionary connected to local access only
  9. Fixed annotation issues with saving settings and saving defaults
  10. Fixed refresh error for import engine list
  11. Fixed you can now add documents when a folders name has an apostrophe
  12. Fixed Stamp Dialog memory leak
  13. Enabled auto sizing of stamp dialog size based on font selection
  14. Fixed licenses issues with terminal server when DX security is not enabled
  15. Fixed single quote in folder name would cause errors
  16. Fixed with pasting folder structure
  17. Fixed import process adding new documents to recent items folder
  18. Fixed issues with not being able to open/edit multiple MS Word documents at one time
  19. Fixed annotation defaults to be saved properly

Desktop Special Note:

  1. Saves annotation defaults will need to be recreated to support new improved format

Web Client New Features:

  1. Updated help
  2. Enable users to change password from main page 

Web Client Resolved Issues:

  1. Fixed the login error when pressing “Login” repeatedly
  2. Index information editor now presented in the index information in the same order as the grid
  3. Document list view now can group information like the desktop version
  4. Favorites list now remember their position between sessions
  5. Stabilized Weberver's translation processing
  6. Fix selection criteria options in "Search By Field" tab of Find Document process

Web Client Special Note:

Press Ctrl F5 in browser the first time you access the login page. This will clear your browsers cache so the new feature will take effect.