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The Importance of Effective Document Management for the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is synonymous with robust complex projects and incorporates global supply chains, multiple locations and diverse project stakeholders. This relies on real-time access to accurate information to comply with regulatory and safety requirements, grow shareholders, support scientific research and exploration, and sustain profitable operations. This is a paper intensive industry and needs to manage the voluminous bulks of files created during the project lifecycle.

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Top 3 Benefits of Incorporating Workflow in a Document Management System

Workflow is a series of steps needed to execute a task. It is the automated movement of documents through a series of tasks related to business processes. Incorporating workflow in to business processes streamlines the time and cost, by managing and tracking human tasks involved. Automating workflow is indispensable to help people collaborate on projects; aid organizations adhere to consistent business processes and enhance organizational performance and efficiency by managing tasks involved in business processes.

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Document Management Software for the Education Industry

The education industry incorporates a paper-driven and document-intensive environment. The capacious influx of paperwork, such as financial aid, admission details, academic records, student and alumni records, athletic departments, human resources, registration and accounting flow in each year and poses a dilemma of effectively storing, organizing and retrieving the pertinent piece of data competently.

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Personal Document Management

DocuXplorer's Personal document management edition, like the other editions of DocuXplorer, is an industry-leading solution for personal document management that is fully-functioning and user-friendly. The Personal document management software is installed on a single computer and allows users to create a single cabinet structure and two user-defined index sets. Within the cabinet, users can create an unlimited number of drawers or folders. The library can accommodate up to 14 terabytes of data, so you will never have to worry about volume constraints.

The Personal document management version is recommended for budget-minded single users who are not subject to external reporting requirements (i.e. SEC, Finra, HIPAA or other audits). This edition is also a personal document management solution with QuickBooks document management integration. A QuickBooks module is available at a nominal charge to users of the Personal version and can automatically link your DocuXplorer library to QuickBooks.

Like the Professional document management version, users of the Personal Edition can quickly and easily expand to the Enterprise document management edition if there is a need to accommodate additional users across multiple computers. You will not lose any data or program settings, since the DocuXplorer Library is easily transferred to your server and set up for multiple users. Upgrade costs are nominal - and the simple installation process can be handled either by our technical support team or by your own IT staff.

For more information about our affordable options, contact a member of our sales team at or call toll free +1 (888) 246-9696.

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