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Four Steps To Gain Control Over Your Business Data

Aside from ensuring the security of an organization’s most critical data, it is also important to choose document management software that is easy to use and implement. Many small and medium scale businesses do not retain the full time services of a security specialist or a large IT department. Read More »

Is Document Management Software Right For Your Company?

A company relies heavily on its documents but most companies do not have ample control over the organization of their documents. Typically, people at the more administrative level are depended upon to file their documents in an intelligent manner. However, most filing systems are put together in a haphazard manner according to the whims of its many employees. Read More »

What to Consider When Implementing Document Management Software

Nearly all companies that rely on documents for their business are great candidates for document management software that would help not only increase productivity across the company, but improve organization and cost efficiency. Read More »

We're ready to help!

DocuXplorer prides itself on its industry-leading customer support. Email support ( to users with current licenses is provided free-of-charge and DocuXplorer's comprehensive Help Menu has the answers you may need for most questions you may have. Yet, there may be occasions when phone support is needed and/or a technical support representative may be required to remotely access your computer to provide the necessary support.

In these cases, we offer several levels of pay-per-incident phone support or Super Support - an industry-leading support solution that provides your users with priority and unlimited phone and Web-based technical support with one of our trained technicians. Clients with Super Support subscriptions also have the added bonus of receiving new features, bug fixes and other product enhancements before the scheduled release dates.

Please note that, while DocuXplorer is sold internationally, technical support is only available in English at this time.

To purchase any of these options, click here, or for sales assistance you can email or call toll-free to (888) 246-9696.

DocuXplorer Training

Do you have a new employee who needs to be trained to understand the many features and benefits of DocuXplorer or do you want to better understand some of the features you may not have been using to their full potential? We offer customized training, on a per-hour basis, to ensure you and your workforce are utilizing DocuXplorer's full funcionality to its greatest extent.

DocuXplorer Consulting and Taxonomy Services

Our highly trained consulting services department is ready to offer its specialized services to clients who are seeking a more efficient way to organize and restructure their document workflow, configure their import engine, remotely access their files and much, much more. To find out how we can improve your business productivity and increase your bottom line, click here.