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The Legal Industry and Document Management Software

Law firms are overwhelmed with a truckload of paperwork and information piling up each day since a law firm’s revenue is generated by creating, reviewing, revising and summarizing documents. With most conventional firms, this information is stored based on clients and cases, with sub-folders and standard folders. Read More »

Document Management Software for Real Estate and Title Companies

Anybody who has an understanding of real estate or title companies must be aware of all the tedious paperwork synonymous with it.  The influx of mortgage contracts, surveys and appraisals, loan agreements, titles, comparable sales reports, property management forms, rental and tenant information, private financial information, disclosures and leases on an everyday basis, poses an impasse of effectively organizing and storing the plethora of valuable information and retrieving the requisite pieces effectually when desired from the central storage system.

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Why Your Medical Office Needs Digital Document Management

It is no secret that medical offices are burdened with mountains of paperwork. Patient histories, privacy policy disclosures, lab results, invoices, and more make for piles of documents for every single patient. This is precisely why so many medical offices are switching to digital record keeping: it frees up space and streamlines organizations.

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Who is DocuXplorer?

Headquartered in New York City and with offices in both North and South America, DocuXplorer is a privately held company dedicated to providing easy-to-use and wholly integrated document management solutions.  Founded in 1997, DocuXplorer currently provides services to thousands of users globally in government agencies, educational institutions and varied industries including financial services, insurance, health care, legal services, real estate, accounting, manufacturing, airline and retail.

Our Document Management Solutions

DocuXplorer provides a complete document management solution for document handling and storage. The software provides users with an extremely effective, yet easy-to-use, method of quickly finding, sharing and accessing all types of documents, both scanned-in paper and electronic. Since the initial release of DocuXplorer, the ease-of-use, security, reliability and affordability is available to businesses of all sizes. DocuXplorer uses a familiar Windows Explorer-style interface, making it a simple yet robust, low-cost solution that requires little training and virtually no technology expertise.

The DocuXplorer Difference

Unlike other document management systems, DocuXplorer requires no technical expertise for installation, setup or administration. The document indexing system is designed to be intuitive and user-generated, reflecting the way users think about and look for data. Data input requirements are minimal with the use of DocuXplorer's smart indexing methodologies. The program includes integration with Microsoft Office, built-in OCR, database, full text search, PDF creation, and a print driver to convert any printable document from any Windows program to a PDF document for storage in DocuXplorer -- all at no extra cost. Workflow functionality is also included at no extra cost, and is easy to set up and use. DocuXplorer also provides significant added value with its extended database and reporting features.  DocuXplorer provides extensive security and audit features that are compliant with SEC, FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA regulations providing financial services, investment advisory, insurance, and medical industries with a complete solution to their paperless office and regulatory requirements.

Sales are generated directly and through a network of value-added resellers. Development of DocuXplorer is ongoing, and new features and improvements are constantly added in an effort to provide our clients with the best possible document management product available today. A free trial can be requested by contacting or by clicking the "Free Trial" icon on our website.