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Document Management Software Vs. Online Storage

As businesses grow, they often find that their local file servers have reached their end-of-life and they are now difficult to maintain. In an attempt to fulfill their document storage needs, these firms often opt for online public cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, only to realize that these platforms are not scalable, have poor functionality and are prone to external attacks.

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Five Reasons Document Management Software Can Save Your Company Money

In this digital day and age, most businesses are able to save substantial amounts of money and resources by investing on Document Management Software solutions, which are truly one of the greatest inventions ever made for business. Document Management Software (DMS) is so crucial for businesses to thrive in the digital age as it acts to centralize all business content of any company. Read More »

The Benefits of Workflow Automation

Competition is tough nowadays. In order for a company to stay viable and to continue progressing, it has to be able to optimize its business processes, minimize inadequacies and prevent bottlenecks, preserve and utilize resources properly, and in the end, increase profits and revenue. One of the ways businesses can reach these goals is to opt for business workflow automation.

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Replace Your Document Management Software

Not all document management solutions are made the same, and sometimes you have to try out a few different options to learn that lesson. If you aren't happy with your current solution, and you are looking to replace your document management software with something that will last, you are in the right place.

Why DocuXplorer?

DocuXplorer is a leader in the industry of document management software because we have been doing document management for years, and we have a passion for doing it the right way. We offer all of the integrations, remote access and even multi-language features you could ask for all within one intuitive and highly functional product. Current DocuXplorer clients have made their way over from countless recognizable document management solution providers, and will gladly tell you why they will never go back. Contact us today to learn why DocuXplorer should be your choice document management software replacement.